Hello friends,

Today I am sharing some of very special moments of my life.

I have started my career from Ahmedabad(GJ) in year 2007 and then I shifted to Jaipur(RJ) in the mid 2008. After completing 3 years and 6 months of my job, I am moving to Ahmedabad again, infact moved.

Still I don’t know why I had gone to jaipur ….!!!!! but I strongly feel that there is someone who knows answer and always looking at me as If he is my well wisher.

During this journey we met many new persons but there are only few persons who still exists in our heart and will be forever. I used ‘We’ word because this moment belongs to us(I, Sunu, and Manu).

Yesterday(18th November, 2011), We left Jaipur and We couldn’t believe that a family has been fully attached with us. At last moment I seen them, I seen them in tears. Also Sunu was weeping and hugging them….It also true that not a single tear was in my eyes…

My innocent baby ‘Manu’ asked,
“Mummy, aansoo aa rahe hai”.
“Beta hum ro rahe hai..”, Sunu replied.
Manu asked another question quickly, “Mummy, par aap ro kyo rahe ho?”.

But we had no any words to reply. She is only two years old so it’s true that she will never remember all moments which spend with them. We know how they care for to manu…In short I have simple words to say for that family: “Savita didi is second mother of Manu“. I will pray to God that Manu never forgot them.

It’s 9:15 PM, We have sit in the bus, they are stand-up outside the bus. They have only words “Manu ka dhyan rakhna”. Bus started and run away…….

I couldn’t stop to weeping self when Manu wake-up and call ‘Didi…Didi…Didi’ watching outside from bus window……That time I asked to God “Am I doing any wrong?

Our relationship start from land lord and renter but it finished on a family. Actually it not finished, its starts.

Finally I got why these all things happened in my life, Because ‘Seth’ (‘S’ se ‘Seth’) word exists in their name.

‘S’ word will never apart from my life…….Even final ordination ‘अंतिम संस्कार’ exists on ‘S’ se ‘Sixteen’ number.